Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Looked at in a diffrent way

My to america was great, but christmas wasent. Dont get me wrong i had a fab time but chritmas without family its just not the same. It was like a one in a life time experience i mean, Who else has been to america with a friend for two weeks? We did so many amazing things, MIAMI BEACH is awsome! Pink Sunset drinking pink lemonade sat at monty lisetning to chill music on a warm evening, How can it get any better.

I bought some cute new things but not much as the sales start this week and I am going out to do some serious shopping. Since i got back, I am looking at everything in a whole diffrent light, ok there are still fights with my brother, Bitching at school and gym. But I appreciate everything so much more. I sounds stupid and soppy but i do! :)

Beautiful plane view leaving Mallorca.

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